Blogging and Professional Services Firms: How to bring the two together


It’s time to use an additional channel

Yours is essentially an offline business. Your website exists to showcase your services and to encourage people to pick up the ‘phone and talk to your office, or to you.

You’re not that interested in so many of the things that bloggers yearn for.  A global audience is not for you.  If you’re known locally, and maybe regionally, that’s fine. [Read more...]

Is your LinkedIn profile letting you down?


Are you writing for me?

How do you feel about your LinkedIn profile?  Are you pleased with what your LinkedIn profile says about you?  Are you happy that your LinkedIn profile draws attention to what you want the world to know about you?

I hope you’ve answered “yes”.

Alternatively, are you rather embarrassed by your LinkedIn profile?  Is it a while (and you can’t remember how long) since you last updated it?  When you look at your profile are you surprised, and maybe a bit shocked, by what you see?

If you are, then your LinkedIn profile is letting you down. [Read more...]

What dog walking can teach you about selling to the high net worth marketplace

Dog out for a walk

Out for a walk

The only time I can remember walking a dog was when a neighbour asked me to take her dog for a walk because she was unable to take the dog out herself.

When I set off with the animal I soon discovered what the problem was.

That dog took you for a walk, not the other way round.  It wasn’t a big dog but it was strong.  If it wanted to go left, you went left.  If it didn’t want to stop to go into a shop, then you kept going.  If it wanted to run …. [Read more...]

Why Content Marketing Matters To Service Businesses

Your Office

Are they still coming to your office?

Many service businesses have yet to hear of content marketing or to take it seriously.  That’s a shame.

These days business is harder to come by than it once was. [Read more...]

Are you sabotaging your business with your smartphone?

It sounds as if I’m exaggerating.  They can do so much.  They’re such lovely toys.  You’ve just got to have one, haven’t you?

Besides they don’t cost that much to own, do they?

Smartphones and your business

Do you need a hammer?

Do you need a hammer?

I won’t name any names, because every one has their likes and dislikes.  They also have their favourite apps and games.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  Smartphones are fun.  That’s why people buy them.

However, let’s stick to the business context.  Let’s think about smartphones as tools to support business. [Read more...]

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