Writing A Business Book? Then Avoid This Catastrophic Mistake

Writing Mistake

You have listened to all the advice. You recognise that you need to be seen as an expert in your marketplace. Therefore, you are writing a business book which you hope will help you to become the “go to” person in your niche. You have also decided to self-publish your … [Read more...]

Want To Be Famous In Your Niche? Why Writing A Book Is Not The Answer

Marketing For Academies And Free Schools

It is conventional wisdom today that consultants, speakers, coaches and other professionals should write a book in order to become recognised as experts in their niche, and maybe become famous, too. Many professionals find this daunting. Writing a book is a huge undertaking and a … [Read more...]

What dog walking can teach you about selling to the high net worth marketplace

Dog out for a walk

The only time I can remember walking a dog was when a neighbour asked me to take her dog for a walk because she was unable to take the dog out herself. When I set off with the animal I soon discovered what the problem was. That dog took you for a walk, not the other way … [Read more...]