Margaret Adams: Helping You To Tame Your Marketing

Margaret Adams - Social Media Presentation
Margaret Adams delivering a workshop

Sometimes it’s important to look at things a bit differently.  Sometimes it helps to hear an unfamiliar voice and have someone explain things in a new way.

Sometimes it helps to bring new thinking into your organisation and to shake up established ways of working.

To keep up with things in the modern world you need to know how your market is changing, how you can get ahead of your competitors and how you can build on your success to date to achieve even more.

Running events

If you’re planning an event for your senior team or for specialists including HR, Business Development and Marketing Staff, I can help to make your event informative, interesting, enjoyable and helpful.

I can design and prepare presentations and seminars to meet your specific needs, or I can offer one of my keynote presentations or focused seminars.

My speaking and seminar topics include:

  • How To Use Content Marketing To Get Ahead Of Your Competitors  – How to use content marketing to build your business, your reputation and your success in the new economy
  • LinkedIn For Leaders – How to use LinkedIn to extend your business’s reach in your marketplace
  • How To Become A Star In Your Market Niche – how to become recognised as an expert in your marketplace and reap the rewards of your new status
  • LinkedIn For Professionals – a presentation on using LinkedIn to build professional people’s careers (Designed for audiences in professional associations)

All of my talks and seminars are aimed at senior people in professional practices and expert consultancies.  Each presentation can be tailored to last for twenty minutes or for up to an hour.

Introducing Margaret Adams

When you book me to speak, you may like to use some of the following information to introduce me.

Margaret is the author of  several books on career management and personal development.  She also writes on career development themes for a number of print and online publications and is an Amazon bestselling author.

Margaret Adams leading a change management programme

Margaret began her career as a teacher of English, moving on to college lecturing and then into college management in the late 1980s.

From the mid 1990s Margaret worked with a range of organisations, including government agencies and international consultancies.

More recently Margaret  has helped organisations of all sizes – from international business networking organisations to independent professionals – to make more and better use of the online world to grow real world businesses.

Today, her consultancy specialises in working with professional practices and expert professionals who want to make a big impact in their marketplace quickly.  She speaks at conferences throughout the UK on how to use online marketing to build your organisation’s success.

Book Margaret Adams to speak at your event.

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