100% Change – How to grow your business quickly!

Did you know that in order to make a complete change in the way you work – one hundred per cent change – that is, you don’t need 100 days.  You need about 70 days.  That’s because of the power of compounding.

ChangeI write a weekly newsletter for my subscribers called: One Hundred Per Cent Change. Each week I offer a small piece of guidance that will help readers to improve their businesses.

Follow the advice each week and you will improve your business rapidly.

If you’re not a subscriber yet, below are the tips I’ve published so far this year.  Take heed of the advice and you can improve your business rapidly.  You might even like to try to implement one of the actions each day.

Claim another week for your schedule by better planning – 5 ways to plan your business that will help you gain an additional week during the course of the year

Measuring a metric that really matters – how many hands have you shaken this week and why it matters.

Who do you spend your time with? – Save emotional energy by spending more time with the right sort of people.

About your website, content isn’t king anymore – So what matters more than great content on your website, your blog and in your social media activities?  Find out here.

Break the rules! – Sometimes the rules we set for ourselves hold us back.  Time to think differently.

Now for a different sort of list – Do you have a “don’t do” list.  Here’s why you need one.

Are you a boring person online? – How to check out your situation.

How to accelerate your business’s growth – Here is a four part formula for success.

Pay attention to the one word that matters – success is all about what has your attention.

Now, if you think these tips are interesting you might like to join us each week to learn more.  Sign up over on the right of the screen.

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Margaret Adams helps professionals to market their practices and their organisations in ways that save them time and effort. Marketing is different for professionals. Unfortunately very few professionals know just how different until they work with Margaret. Then they learn how to persuade more people to work with them, to buy from them and to support their work.

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