Seven subjects to tweet about when you don’t know what to tweet about


They know what to tweet about!

You’re on Twitter.  You’re keen to start connecting with people.  You want to tweet, but you have a problem.  You don’t know what to tweet about.

You’d be wise to wait and not just tell the world about what’s in your sandwiches, how tight your shoes are and what you intend to do now you’ve missed the train you wanted to catch.  You’re in business and you need to remember you’re tweeting to help your business.

Here are seven subjects that you can tweet about that will help you to build the right sort of reputation on Twitter.

Tweet about today’s news as it affects your industry.

Let’s assume you’re in the pensions business. There are news stories just about every day that affect people’s retirement planning.  Make a point of tweeting about them.  From the RPI, the CPI and the state of the FTSE to annuity yields there’s so much to say.

Tweet really useful information from thought leaders in your industry

Take a step back from this one for a moment.  Do you know who the thought leaders in your industry are?  If not, who writes about your industry?  Who’s on TV?  Who speaks about the subjects that matter to your customers at conferences?  Go and follow them.  Read what they have to say. Then start tweeting about them, quoting them and mentioning them.

If you can also offer comment on what they’re saying, so much the better.

Tweet your top tips

Yes, tweet your top tips.  You’re an expert.  Start to let your followers know some of the gems of wisdom you offer to your customers.  Write a series.  Use hashtags to help to group your tips together.  Then when you’ve done your ten top tips, you can write a blog post summarising them.  That will give you something else to tweet.

Tweet relevant quotations

People love quotations. Choose good ones and they will be retweeted.  That means your original tweet will be in front of lots more people, too.

Tweet useful but not widely known information

Here’s where you can score over lots of other people.  Be alert.  Watch for great blog posts, useful articles that other people aren’t promoting.  Then tweet about them.  I’m always on the look out for good infographics to promote to my followers.  Infographics pass on useful information quickly.  They’re also not used that widely so they’re still a bit of a novelty.  My readership values them.

Tweet questions, questions

Ask questions.  Ask for help with something.  Ask a question about a popular topic.  Ask about a trend in your industry and so on.  Don’t worry if you don’t get too many replies.  Just remember to thank the people who do respond.

Tweet replies and mentions

Reply to other people’s questions.  Thank people for mentioning you.  Thank people for retweeting you.  Note what’s being said about you and join in the conversation.

Should you tweet about your business?

You might be wondering where tweeting about what you do and what you have to offer comes into the Twitter equation.

Well, it’s there, but you’ll get and keep more followers, if you entertain, inform and educate them rather than selling to them all the time.

I tweet about my own blog posts.  I encourage people to join us on Facebook.  I mention our offers.  I just don’t do it all day and every day.  Tweeting is about striking a balance.  I aim to offer lots of good advice and a little information about our business.

What to do now

Do take a look at some of my other posts about Twitter. I think you’ll find them helpful.

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What do your tweets say about you?

You can also follow me on Twitter and see how I put all of this into practice.

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