Taking Your Offline Business Online – Creating Your WordPress Site

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You're on the world-wide web

You’re an expert in what you do and you’re confident about your abilities in your field.

You’ve spent a lot of time building up your expertise as a coach, a consultant, a counsellor – a provider of expert services.

There’s no reason why you need to be an expert in things to do with the web, too.

However, you need a strong web presence, so once you have chosen your publishing platform you have some choices to make about how you create that presence.

Creating Your  Own WordPress Website

In the previous post:

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I strongly recommended that people who are just starting out on the web use WordPress.  I also recommend that experienced web users use WordPress.

If you decide to create your site yourself you can get your website up and running for minimal cost.  You’ll need to buy your domain name, that is the name for your site.  You’ll also need to buy some web hosting.  That is the place where your website resides on the web.

For an initial outlay of around £20 you can get started.  Remember WordPress is free, so there’s no outlay for your publishing platform.

When you start, just look up domain name or domain name registration and web hosting on the internet to start to find suppliers.   You’ll have your own views on whether you look anywhere in the world or stick to UK-based suppliers.

Working With A Web Designer

If you’re commissioning an individual or company to create your website you should state that you want a WordPress site.  That means that you’re already starting to set out a specification for someone to follow.

If you’re looking for a web designer who creates WordPress sites, your web search will offer you lots of choice both in terms of the service offered and the price you will be asked to pay.

Since so many new websites are WordPress sites you should find you have plenty of choice.

Customising Your Website

There are lots of different themes available.  Themes change the look of your website.

I always recommend people to start out with a free theme. The WordPress default or the 2010 theme are adequate to learn on.  In fact, quite a few people stick with a very basic theme for the longer term.   Why pay money for something you may not want to use for very long?

Then there are plug-ins, or applications.  If you look in the WordPress plug-in directory, you’ll see there are hundreds and hundreds.  How will you choose which ones to use?

Again, at the beginning, just look at the most popular plug-ins and use some of those.  Security plug-ins, analytics plug-ins, site maps, social networking plug-ins, anti-spam plug-ins are the first ones to think about.  You can become more adventurous later.

What to do now . . .

You need to do some thinking.  Are you going to:

  • create your own website
  • learn how to create your own website
  • ask someone to create your website for you?

You don’t need to be a coding expert to get things moving, although if you’ve got someone you can ask for advice when you get stuck, it helps.

Remember that you don’t need a customised design at this stage.  You just need to get that website working.  The fine-tuning and the extras can come later.

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In the next post I’ll be explaining what you need to do to manage your web presence.

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