5 Ways To Improve Your LinkdIn Profile In The Next HourProven, Practical And Simple Ways Of Winning New Clients And New Business – Now!

Would you like to know how to ensure that you marketing works day-in, day-out, without ongoing input from you? If you would, I can help.

Let me share with you strategies and methods that work when it comes to marketing for professional practices and marketing for schools and colleges. I would love to tell you about a range of  simple approaches and basic rules that can help you to bring in more new business, more new clients and more business from existing clients.

Margaret Adams

Margaret Adams

It is never easy to sell high value professional services, education programmes and personal development programmes.

However, I can help you to bring a steady flow of new clients and new business to your organisation or practice.  I can help you to enrol more pupils in your school or academy and build your reputation in your community, too.

Let me ask you a question: how do you feel about marketing?  Do you enjoy it?  Is it a chore? Are you disappointed with the results you achieve?

Forget peaks and troughs, feast and famine and marketing windows. With my help you can take control of your marketing, your business development process and your success.

About Margaret Adams

I have spent my entire career working in professional roles. I have been a teacher and a lecturer. I have been a management consultant working under contract to well-known international consultancies.

Once I was one of those professionals who disliked marketing and never found enough time for marketing. Of course, teaching a syllabus or meeting a client’s deadline ALWAYS came first.  I now know that it was this approach that held me back and prevented me from achieving the success of which I was capable.

I now know better and behave differently.

Marketing For Professionals

If you have just arrived on my website for the first time, you are probably a bit sceptical.  You’ve heard all this before. To help you to decide if I am the right person to help you with your marketing, please take a look at what some of our clients have said.

Ian Morris (Fine Art Expert)

I have found working with Margaret so easy, she has the most relaxed style coupled with invaluable knowledge as a writer of online biographies/LinkedIn profiles.

April Hayhurst (College Manager)

Margaret is an expert in her field of work, she enables others to think outside the box and explore avenues that greatly benefit business and individuals through social marketing and media. I would highly recommend Margaret to those who want to improve their knowledge and skills in this area of expertise.

Andrea Sheehy (Relationship Counsellor) 

Margaret worked with me to create a self-help guide for couples to download from my website. She took the ideas swirling around in my head and turned them into something structured, engaging – something I’m very proud of. She was very patient with me, clearly knows her craft and I enjoyed working with her.

Stefan Drew (Marketing Expert)

Margaret and I worked together as lead consultants on the World Class Skills programme where we were both involved in advising, coaching, mentoring and training staff from colleges and training providers that so many employers rely upon to provide courses and qualifications for their workforce.

Margaret’s abilities as someone who can help a business develop their strategies and tactics in both growing and marketing and promotions are clear when you work with her. Never one to rest on her laurels Margaret is constantly seeking new challenges. Her grasp of social networking, and intuitive understanding of the psychology that people display when using it, has led her to become one of the sector’s leaders in social networking techniques and the few colleges I come across that have Social Networking strategies have all been trained by Margaret.

Get In Touch – No Obligation

Please call me on 01 494 791045 to arrange a mutually convenient time when we can speak on the telephone.  Alternatively you can e-mail using the contact form.

Either way I will be in touch quickly.  Thank you for your interest.

In A Hurry To Make A Start

If you would like to find out how to improve an aspect of your marketing NOW, download our free guide: Five Ways To Improve Your LinkedIn Profile In The Next Hour.  There’s no need to sign up.  Just download this valuable document from the top right-hand side of this page.

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